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 Fritzi Noirhomme 

Fritzi Noirhomme

Picture by Alina Cherubin

Picture by Alina Cherubin

Fritzi Noirhomme - is an independent singer/writer/musicproducer and guitarist based in Berlin Germany. She published her first Soloalbum "Verwirrte Zeit" through her independent label create reality on Spotify and SoundCloud. She is a part of the bands "Give Me A Paper" and "SOULMEAL".
Fritzi is her nickname since birth and Noirhomme the family name of her mother, coming from the mineworkers, who returned home from work with coal black faces. She describes her music as her life force and her life as a side effect of her music. Music is her guide and her protection. Her art shows her truth and is not limited by any sort of definition. She likes to refer to herself and her art as "international soul".


Fritzi is right now performing with her band SOULMEAL, as well as a solo artist, both set up for a show of 1 hour.

Her next gigs will be:

05.september @YUCA-CLUB Cologne

For bookings please contact:



Her references of gigs played:

@Kaffee Burger (Berlin)

@YAAM (Berlin)
@Bi Nuu (Berlin)

@Lagari (Berlin), 


@Al Hamra (Berlin)

@Kunstbruder (Köln)

@Kramladen (Wien)

@Tiny Musiktreff (Berlin)

@PA58 (Berlin)

@Momma's HipHopKitchen (NewYork)